Necessary Psychological Skills With Executive Protection Training

The hard Skills required for an executive protection specialist EPS and/or personal protection specialist PPS are usually perceived as being that of a policeman or elite soldier. Though there can be sure similarities i.e. using handguns, hand-to-hand combat and the ability to control a car, many people having worked both in executive protection and either of the latter professions, will deny that the abilities are parallel. They may look alike but the methodology of every skill differs from segment to segment.

However, the Psychological skills required are almost identical. Knowing basic psychological skills is vital in this line of business, because it is in law enforcement and military battle. Any individual taking responsibility for another individual’s life will need to look at the adaptability of their psychological capabilities in various situations. These will include but are not limited to; adaptability in awkward situations state of mind going from humble to authoritative or vice versa, adaptability in various work atmospheres Maintaining mind and body relaxed when waiting for a customer and abruptly change to a high pressure level and the ever so common question of considering life-or-death scenarios can kill or can freeze?

Knowing, and openly accepting, your physical and mental limitations are a lifesaver. Not only will it save your life, but it might very well save the lives of your teammates and your customer. Since training in this Area is practically non-existing from the private sector, permit me to suggest a few easy-to-conduct training situations:

  1. Have a student or New EPS/PPS into a party and assign him to a VIP. It may be your own private celebration and the VIP can be whomever you choose, but make certain to allow the VIP understand that the EPS/PPS are there to consider them. Based upon your assessment of the EPS the mission can be a very attractive lady possible problem: jealousy or a number of Pacific West Academy worshippers or a person with a trend towards drinking possible problem: improper and/or reckless behavior. Now observe the EPS/PPS through the night. If you deem it necessary, have someone help you creating a spectacle, in order to provoke the ideal behavior from their and your EPS/PPS.

The direct goal of this scenario is to discover signs of insecurity and/or confusion at the moment in which the EPS/PPS must choose whether or not to intervene. The secondary goal would be to have the EPS/PPS create a written report, right after the debriefing, describing any defects in his own psychological pattern.

  1. Working environment. Have a new or student EPS/PPS on a project with a low-level director/manager. Let him be a part of the whole preparation and let him be a part of the private escort section introduces him into the director/manager for a disciple if needed. Now, at any and all meetings, this specific student ought to be put on post before doorways, in halls, offices etc.