Anime Review – The Interest With Naruto and Naruto Shippuden

What do you get when You blend Dragonball Z and Ninjas together? You get Naruto. Naruto is a really long, but enjoyable anime. The first series running about 220 episodes and the next show, Shippuden, running about 150 episodes, yet it is big even today. It is some of the most intriguing story arcs you can find, and the animation is top notch. But with an anime that large there does not appear to be an end in sight yet. Just how much longer can this anime go on before losing the interest of Otakus? Now the first Location Any reviewer should begin for this anime is your figures. This anime has lots of characters. In every story arc that they produce new good and bad men, enter their back stories, and from the end of the arc you grow to love them. This is the reason why many fanfic writers love this anime. When you get so many characters, you may have a great deal of stuff to write. But Characters are not enough to create a excellent anime, you will need a story.

Naruto Filler List

The story is remarkable. It is moved along completely from the characters, with hardly any outside force. Story arcs are different and entertaining, with the exceptions of the fillers, the story is truly good. However, as said, there are a couple things dragging down the narrative, and you cannot talk about Naruto without speaking about them. First, it is long. If You have a very low attention span, then a few of the more story arcs feel like a job getting through. The previous story arch lasted 20 episodes. Then there’s the wicked every Naruto fan knows all about: fillers. Filler arcs are used when an anime that is based off of a manga, such as Naruto Filler List, catches up with the manga.

They are utilized to kill time until the manga is far enough out that they may continue on with the story without difficulties. Now will be honest, have not watched every filler episode, for a reason. Naruto has 3 years worth of fillers, and by the time got to them Shippuden came out. Now Shippuden founders have made some interesting fillers as of late, fitting them to the story by filling some holes that the manga did not, so hopefully this means they are trying a bit more to make quality fillers. Naruto is really great, For the most part it is fun and entertaining, the characters are great and the story is intriguing, and if they keep up what they are doing, then think this anime could be well worth watching until the end. You can check out Naruto on Hulu.